Duke Athletics was named the recipient of the 2023 Team IMPACT Division I Fellowship Campus of the Year Award, the.
Team IMPACT held their Northeast Field Day Sunday at Boston College for children facing serious and chronic illnesses.
Nine-year old Simon Valencia-Devin has been through more than most kids his age. "He was born with polycystic kidney failure,.
Cavalier women’s soccer midfielder Laughlin Ryan, who turned injury into opportunity, has won the University of Virginia’s prestigious Sky Alland.
Matched with the Montclair State University Men’s Soccer team, Toby and his family recently spent time on Capitol Hill advocating for patient.
Sports fans are celebrating the University of Connecticut Men’s Basketball Team victory over San Diego State. And thanks to a.
Ryan Ellingwood, 11, of Ellington was matched with the UConn Men's Basketball team in 2018.
Rylan Ellingwood has been part of the UConn men’s basketball team for 3 1/2 years, and like most Huskies, he.
Brianna Cummings '22 found her ideal job via Holy Cross' Athletic's partnership with Team IMPACT.
Team Impact is a nonprofit that matches children facing serious illness and disability with college sports teams.
Any game played by the University of Houston or University of Miami men's basketball teams isn't complete without Jace Abarca.
Prior to Friday's Sweet Sixteen matchup, ABC13 found a story bigger than basketball - and one that might just put.