Third Annual Team IMPACT Day at Thompson Speedway

More than 40 Team IMPACT families from across the Northeast came together for the third annual Team IMPACT Day at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park in Thompson, Connecticut. With generous support from Turner Motorsport, Barletta Engineering, and Marina Studios, these families enjoyed a day of fast cars, fun activities, good food, and new friends — all celebrating the community that is built through Team IMPACT.

“Our life usually consists of the same routines: school, therapy, home, bed. It’s hard to get out and do stuff, especially with all my child’s needs,” shared Michelle MacIntosh, whose daughter Briana is a member of the Brown University women’s lacrosse team. “These events make it a little more worthwhile. They’re opening my boyfriend and my friends’ eyes that just because our options are often limited, it doesn’t mean we have nothing to do!”

Each child was given the opportunity to ride in racecars driven by professional drivers who catered every ride to each child’s comfort and preferred speed around Thompson Speedway’s historic track. The kids and families also learned about the exciting world of motorsports, participated in dozens of activities and yard games, and enjoyed snacks, meals, and desserts throughout the event. It was a day full of thrills and excitement; but more than anything, our families left Thompson feeling an even deeper sense of community through Team IMPACT.

“This event, and others like it, provide families a safe environment to take a step back and truly appreciate the sometimes challenging lives we lead,” said Jill Sabin, whose nine-year-old son Pierce is matched with the Boston University men’s soccer team. “The best part of being in the Team IMPACT community is the sense of calm. Whether we’re at a Team IMPACT event or BU event, we have an entire community there supporting us and providing us with the opportunity to take a beat.”

“Our favorite thing about the Team IMPACT event was the opportunity to meet and socialize with families who understood the struggles having a child with a disability,” said Marie and John Milasky, parents of 12-year-old Kody, who was matched with the Eastern Connecticut State University men’s lacrosse team in February. “Events like Team IMPACT Day at Thompson Speedway are important because they provide families a chance to look past their disability and see possibilities.”

For Nar Lee and her seven-year-old daughter Mia, those possibilities have come in the form of the Tufts University field hockey team. She and her family have gained a new appreciation for fun since Mia was matched in late 2021. “Team IMPACT reminds our family to have fun and has provided many opportunities for us to do so, even when we were in the depth of treatment and just trying to get through the day,” Nar said.

Our families weren’t the only ones who had the experience of a lifetime at Thompson Speedway. Employees from Team IMPACT, Thompson Speedway, and other sponsors also joined in on the fun and are already working together to plan race days in the future! “Team IMPACT Day at Thompson Speedway is an incredibly unique and exciting opportunity for us bring so many Team IMPACT families together to feel the support of our community while having a once-in-a-lifetime racecar experience,” said Ryan Irwin, Team IMPACT’s Regional Executive Director of the Northeast. “All of us at Team IMPACT are incredibly grateful for the support from our partners who put this on for us and help us bring joy to so many kids and families who need it most.  We are already looking forward to next year!”

Thank you to Thompson Speedway, Turner Motorsports, Vince Barletta, Marina Studios, and all our participating families for a day of excitement that allows us all to have just a little more fun.

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