Kyler Wins Big at the National Championship

This past Monday, Kyler, matched with the Georgia Bulldogs, joined the team in Los Angeles for their high-scoring win in the College Football Championship. Kyler, 8, of Kathleen, Georgia, only recently joined the Bulldogs squad through Team IMPACT in July 2022. After battling Leukemia, he and his family have found a welcome reprieve in the quick bonds he has made with the team. In addition to getting tours of Sanford Stadium, Kyler has attended games and practices, and regularly texts with tight ends Ryland Goede and Drew Sheehan.

The Surprise

Coming off an exciting trip to the Peach Bowl through Team IMPACT, Kyler wasn’t expecting another surprise. Just days after that game though, Ryland and Drew gave him a call.

“You motivated us and our entire team…Team IMPACT is sending you to LA, to the national championship to be with us at the game!”

Team IMPACT and Georgia Bulldogs surprise Kyler with a trip of a lifetime.

Seth Rosenzweig capped off the call reminding Kyler what an inspiration he is to both his Georgia teammates, and everyone at Team IMPACT.

“This [Team IMPACT] has been the biggest deal, because it’s made him feel a self of purpose again. It’s very motivational to him.”

Ashley Pike, Kyler’s Mom
Kyler gives Ryland a big welcome hug before the game.

The Game

After a long flight to California, Kyler and his family met up with some of the Bulldogs – big hugs, secret handshakes and a quick griddy dance got everyone hyped up before game day.

On the big day, Kyler put on his own type of uniform – from a Georgia bandana and shirt, to a Team IMPACT lanyard. When asked by a local reporter why Georgia would win the Championship, Kyler didn’t hesitate in his response. “Because they never lose.”

Adorned with some new face tattoos and pom pom hair, Kyler didn’t sit much during the game, despite his teammates taking an early lead. His energy only increased as time wound down on the clock and he took the field to celebrate.

Kyler, 8, celebrating his team’s National Football Championship