Team IMPACT Announced today that they will send three children to join their respective teams at the 2023 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.
Prior to the season ending, some of Boston College's hockey players visited a teammate they see often at games, practices, and outside the rink, but never in class — their Team IMPACT teammate Josh.
Anthony Pecorella and Robert Smith are more than just football players. The duo also makes up two-fifths of the Team Impact Fellows.
Even though he's just 11 years old, Jack Marchetta is listed as a senior on the Niagara men's hockey team's website.
Brown University women's ice hockey head coach Melanie Ruzzi announced a new team member, signing 13-year-old Echo Yale through Team IMPACT.
Payton on her IU home court.
Nine-year-old Payton from Evansville, IN had her and her family's life changed when they joined Team IMPACT.
The University of Richmond women's swimming and diving team is excited to announce the signing of Team IMPACT Hero Lily Cason-Stokes Friday.
Over 25 men's and women's basketball teams across Divisions I, II and III are matched with Team IMPACT families during their respective 2023 March Madness Tournaments.
He has a seat on the bench for every home game. He has a chair in the team's exclusive locker room. And he breaks down the team huddle during the post-game scrum.
You can't tell by Mia's beaming smile, but she was diagnosed with leukemia in February 2022. She's unable to play sports because of her treatment, but that doesn't mean she can't be a part of a team.
Rebecca studied both Social Work and Nonprofit Administration and is currently a Senior Case Manager at Team IMPACT. She was.
Grace Lerro is a Licensed Social Worker and Team IMPACT’s Regional Director of Match-Up for the Mid-Atlantic region. Grace attended.