After a Tough Loss, Emma Sends a Message to Her Team

Emma at her Badgers Signing Day

On January 15, Emma, matched with Wisconsin Women’s Basketball, drove with her family to Indiana to cheer on her teammates. Emma often attends both home and away games for the Badgers, but after this particular game, mom Katy shared how they are seeing Team IMPACT effect Emma.

“I wanted to reach out to share with you the profound impact that this experience is having on Emma. When we signed up, it felt like it would be a fun, unique, and cool experience. We had no idea how transformative it would be. Emma is fully invested in being part of the team, she loves all her teammates dearly, and watches the entirety of the games – which for Emma is an incredible feat in and of itself. If that wasn’t enough, she is emotionally connected, which is the most incredible part of all as far as we are concerned. 

We went down to Bloomington, IN to watch the team play the Hoosiers (who are a force to be reckoned with, no doubt). Our team lost, and as we were leaving Emma started gently crying. When I asked her what the matter was, she said she was sad for her teammates. Such empathy from Emma is amazing. Yesterday we watched such an intense game with some amazing highs and a sad ending. Avery missed her second free throw that would have tied the game and possibly led to overtime. Emma came home so worried about Avery’s feelings that she ended up wording a message and reading it on a video to send. 

Thank you for embracing our whole family. Thank you for bringing Emma into your team. Thank you for changing our lives.” – Katy Morgan, mom to Emma matched with Wisconsin Women’s Basketball

Emma sends a message to her Wisconsin teammates