CBS News Boston Features Team IMPACT Co-Founder Jay Calnan

Lisa Hughes from WBZ Boston sat down with Team IMPACT co-founder Jay Calnan recently, discussing the program’s origins and impact in the community and nationwide.

Inspired by his brother Chris, Jay Calnan was driven to find a way to ensure no child was sidelined by sickness or disability. Chris, a longtime sports fan who was born with a condition that prevented him from participating in sports after the age of 12, got his opportunity to be on a team when the Bristol Red Sox, a minor league AA baseball team, took him under its wing as an official team batboy. This sparked an idea in Jay, who leveraged his relationships with a passionate group of leaders — Dan Kraft, Dan Walsh, Kris Herman, Tim Kelly, Robert Tishman, Mark Plansky, and Scott Tully — to bring this dream to life. 

Watch the feature here.

Team IMPACT Co-Founder Jay Calnan at the 2022 Game Day Gala

Since Team IMPACT’s inception, we have matched over 2,500 children across over 700 college campuses in all 50 states, working with over 66,000 student-athletes. Team IMPACT is incredibly thankful to all of our founders and board members for making a dream and reality and helping change tens of thousands of lives over the last decade plus.

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