On the Go with the Team IMPACT GoTeam

Each year, dozens of runners across the country come together to form Team IMPACT’s GoTeam. Whether competing in an official race or running in an unofficial event, our GoTeam hits the pavement to create awareness and raise funds for our program. Last year, our GoTeam—which represented Team IMPACT in the Boston Marathon, Falmouth Road Race, Chicago Marathon, and New York City Marathon—raised more than $115,000 for Team IMPACT, bringing the program to more kids and teams across the country. While fundraising and training, our GoTeam connects with a GoTeammate, a matched child in our program, who helps inspire and motivate them from the first step till the last.

Meghan Lee, a member of our 2023 GoTeam for the New York City Marathon, shared her race experience, why she chose to be all in for Team IMPACT, and how her GoTeammate, Simon, helped push her past the finish line.

Meghan, who first learned of Team IMPACT as a soccer player at Babson College, has been involved with the program in multiple ways. As an athlete, Meghan’s team saw firsthand through their teammate, Ava, the incredible relationships that are built through Team IMPACT. After graduating, Meghan stayed involved with the program as a member of the Boston Young Professionals Board, further weaving Team IMPACT into her life. “Seeing the infectious smiles and hearing the inspiring stories of so many children has always motivated me to stay involved and show my support,” Meghan said.

When Meghan decided she wanted to run a marathon, she knew there was only one team she wanted to represent—Team IMPACT. Meghan joined our GoTeam and was paired with her GoTeammate, Simon. She relied on him as her daily inspiration during her training and through race day. Simon, who is matched with the Northeastern men’s hockey team, pushed Meghan to keep going, even when the going got tough. “I was fortunate enough to be able to meet Simon via Zoom leading up to the Marathon, and I was blown away by his joyous spirit and energy,” Meghan said. “Simon really is the perfect example of what the Team IMPACT mission represents.”

When race day finally arrived, Meghan was immediately energized by the atmosphere of the big day. “It is impossible to not be motivated on race day,” Meghan recalled. “The atmosphere, the crowd, the fellow runners who have committed so much time toward training, and many of whom are running for deeply personal causes, I was overwhelmed with adrenaline and with gratitude for getting to participate in such an incredible day.”

But when things got tough, both on race day and during training, Meghan channeled Simon’s contagious energy and the power of Team IMPACT to push her through past her goals. “There are definitely moments where you ask yourself ‘Why am I doing this to my body?’” she recalled, “but I would always reflect back on the mission of Team IMPACT and think of the amazing, strong, and brave children like Simon who I get to run for.”

And when Meghan finally crossed the finish line, she did so with a smile on her face and pride in her heart.

Interested in joining our GoTeam? There is still time to apply for this year’s races! Visit our GoTeam page below to learn more or submit an application; or reach out to Team IMPACT’s Development Manager, Engagement, Gen Rogan at grogan@teamimpact.org for more information on how to team up with Team IMPACT.