Third Annual Sneaker Ball Raises $100,000 for Team IMPACT

Team IMPACT celebrated its third annual Sneaker Ball, which brought together more than 300 Playmakers, young professionals, friends, and supporters from around the Boston area to raise more than $100,000 in support of Team IMPACT. 

This annual event, hosted by the Boston Playmakers, is quickly becoming one of Boston’s premier charity events. Attendees wore their formal wear and favorite sneakers for a night of dancing and community to raise awareness and funds to continue growing Team IMPACT in the Boston area and beyond. Led by sponsors JC&A, Needham Bank, and Rhino Capital, the event was centered around DJ Colin Tonge, who spun an amazing playlist. Sponsors Ghost Tequila, NOBULL, Tito’s, and Tru helped serve up the drinks and fun to keep the night going. 

In addition to great drinks and fun dancing, guests enjoyed hearing from members of the Team IMPACT community who shared their experience participating in the life-changing program. Tufts Football Head Coach Jay Civetti poignantly shared his special relationship with Team IMPACT, having signed three Team IMPACT teammates—Riley, Zach, and Sam—onto his roster over the past 12 years, all of whom have made an everlasting impact not only on his football program but also on him as a coach and as a person. 

“When you compete with Team IMPACT, you never forget.” Coach Civetti said. “It never blurs. It becomes part of you, because it is as special, unique, and important as any other significant life event.” 

Mackenzie Donovan, who has been a member of the Boston Playmakers since August 2022, knows the importance of events like Sneaker Ball. “A night of fun, networking, and hearing from those involved are what the impact holds,” she said. “I love meeting new people who are attending a Team IMPACT event for the first time while also seeing familiar faces who continue to show their support. These events are a great night out while supporting a great cause!” 

Alex Berluti was introduced to Team IMPACT as a collegiate athlete in 2014 and has supported the program as a young professional, and now Playmaker, since 2019. “By attending Team IMPACT Playmakers events throughout the year, young professionals can join a vibrant and expanding community united by the common mission of supporting Team IMPACT,” Alex said. “This unique connection provides children, players, and coaches with a distinct perspective, a sense of purpose, and the opportunity for lifelong friendships while renewing hope.”  

Ryan McDonald, who like Alex was introduced to Team IMPACT as a college athlete, has been involved with the program since 2017. “My favorite memory from Sneaker Ball 2023 was hearing from Coach Jay Civetti, specifically how he drew inspiration from their Team IMPACT teammate with brain cancer who was so excited to call Jay and tell him that he built up the strength to walk from one telephone pole to the next outside the hospital,” Ryan shared. “It was uplifting to hear how Jay turned what would typically be considered an everyday interaction into a new perspective and motivation as he continues to lead the Tufts football team.” 

The 2023 Sneaker Ball caps off the Team IMPACT Boston Playmaker’s incredible year, collectively raising more than $250,000 for Team IMPACT. The Boston Playmakers and Team IMPACT Young Professionals represent a diverse assembly of individuals between the ages of 21 and 35 with unique and professional backgrounds who seek to identify and recruit community leaders while sharing Team IMPACT’s mission with their networks. The mutually beneficial relationship between Team IMPACT and the Young Professionals and Playmakers serves as catalyst for organizational growth and developmental while building the next generation of supporters, leaders, and philanthropists and creating a wide network of opportunities in development, leadership, and career counseling. To learn more about Team IMPACT’s Boston Playmaker program, email Bryn Batchelder at

Didn’t get a chance to attend this year’s Sneaker Ball? There’s still time to make your impact! Donate today by clicking here. To try some of the Tru enhanced sparkling beverages distributed at Sneaker Ball, take a look at their tasty range of drinks here and use discount code “IMPACT50” at checkout for 50% off your first order. 

Thank you to all who attended the event, made a gift, spread the word, and helped us grow this incredible community of future Team IMPACT leaders. Your support and dedication to the program truly make a difference every day. And a very special thank you to our Boston Playmakers Board, Coach Jay Civetti, and to all our 2023 Sneaker Ball sponsors who made this night such a smashing success.