Two New Eagles Take Flight With The BC Women’s Lacrosse Team

In October 2021, twins Lucy and Sophie Stiles became the newest members of the Boston College Women’s Lacrosse Team. The sisters signed their letters of intent surrounded by their parents (both alumnus of BC), their new teammates, and coaching staff. Since then, the Stiles family has attended countless events from social team gatherings to the Final Four in Baltimore (see video below)!

Lucy was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy soon after she was born. Her family discovered Team IMPACT through a family friend, Charlie, who was previously matched with the Harvard Men’s Soccer team. They were excited by the fact that the program allows siblings like Lucy and Sophie to participate together, as these life-changing diagnoses have a profound effect on sisters and brothers as well. Lucy and Charlie’s mothers were so inspired by the Team IMPACT experience they became co-founders of the MVP Program, a Team IMPACT initiative that brings together program ambassadors to grow the organization, increase referrals, and reach as many families as possible.

The entire Stiles family plays an essential role in the Team IMPACT community, and we are confident that Lucy and Sophie will continue to motivate the BC community throughout their journey.