$1 from every kid's meal sold

Team IMPACT and honeygrow have teamed up to make an impact in the communities they serve. $1 of every kid’s meal sold at honeygrow goes directly to Team IMPACT.

Getting More Kids in the Game

Our partners at honeygrow have committed to donating $1 back to Team IMPACT, for every kid’s meal sold. Their support has helped us get more kids in the game while spreading awareness about our program. honeygrow has helped raised funds instrumental to changing the lives of team IMPACT families, as well as student-athletes.

Growing Friendships

honeygrow provides a welcoming environment for our matched kids to enjoy a stir-fry, salad, or honeybar with their teammates. The convenience of their locations and the range of nourishing options makes honeygrow a great place to spend time together. The time student-athletes spend with their Team IMPACT teammates off the field is just as valuable as the time they spend together on the field. Team IMPACT matches have been able to continue to build and foster their relationships over honeygrow meals all across the east coast.

Established in 2012, honeygow offers wholesome and delicious made-to-order stir-frys, salads, and honeybars. As a loyal community partner, the company is dedicated to connecting with every community in each of their seven markets in meaningful and sustainable ways.