Give Your Patients a Dose of Life Beyond Illness

Thank you for joining us at the Press Ganey Pediatrics Summit’s closing session, Why This Matters. Ready to get your patients the opportunity to expand their support systems? Refer a patient, learn more, or contact us below, and help get more kids in the game.

Who We Are

Team IMPACT matches children facing serious illness and disability with college sports teams, creating a long-term, life changing experience for everyone involved.

What We Do

We leverage team camaraderie to provide a sense of belonging which supports: resilience & coping, empowerment & confidence, socialization, and health promotion behaviors.​

Who We Serve

We serve children from over 250 diagnoses, using the following criteria: children ages 5 - 16, diagnosed with a serious or chronic illness, could benefit both socially and psychologically from the support of a team.

Program Outcomes

A retrospective survey of our families 1-year into their Team IMPACT journey showed that participation resulted in:

Contact Us

Would you benefit from setting up a 1-on-1 meeting, or receive a copy of the presentation? Or are you ready to nominate a Team IMPACT champion at your institution? Share your email with us to get in touch with our clinical team. 

    I wanted to reach out to share with you the profound impact that this experience is having on Emma. When we signed up, it felt like it would be a fun, unique, and cool experience. We had no idea how transformative it would be. Emma is fully invested in being part of the team, she loves all her teammates dearly, and watches the entirety of the games - which for Emma is an incredible feat in and of itself. If that wasn’t enough, she is emotionally connected, which is the most incredible part of all as far as we are concerned.
    Katy M.
    Mom to Emma, Matched with Wisconsin Women's Basketball
    His life is about so much more than his illness, which has always been my goal as his parent. But the truth is that you are helping me achieve that goal way more than I could ever do on my own.
    Mom to Max, Matched with University of Vermont Men's Soccer
    Sometimes when we get caught up in all of the medical stuff and the day-to-day stuff that we forget to take a time out and just be a family and do the things that everyone else does. Team IMPACT is like a big hug for our family and a reminder to us to take time to just have fun. We all look forward to our time spent with the team and when something comes up in our lives, Conlee can’t wait to share it with the team.
    Mom to Conlee, Matched with Ohio State Men's Basketball