Team IMPACT Sends Families To The Big Dance

Team IMPACT announced today that they will send three children to join their respective teams at the 2023 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. The children will have travel, accommodations, and tickets for the Sweet Sixteen round of the tournament with their matched teams from the University of Connecticut, University of Houston and University of Miami. 

As student-athletes were tasked with pushing their mental, physical, and emotional limits throughout the basketball season, they were able to lean on their Team IMPACT teammates, ultimately learning and appreciating how to overcome adversity. Over 25 teams across Divisions I, II and III had Team IMPACT matches as they took on the tournament this year. Now entering a crucial part of the NCAA basketball season, with the Sweet Sixteen round, the three teams with Team IMPACT matches that remain will be able to experience the Big Dance together. Fortunately, through Team IMPACT’s mutually beneficial matching program, these talented individuals can continue to depend on their Team IMPACT teammates, as they prepare for their toughest challenge yet. 

“The children and the student athletes both find inspiration in each other, which is part of what makes the program so powerful,” said Seth Rosenzweig, CEO, Team IMPACT. “These are truly symbiotic relationships that complement the child’s medical treatment, allowing the child to develop relationships and skills that help them complete the full circle of healing. I’m thrilled that we can help create such a special experience that will have a lasting impact on the children and teams.”

Meet the Sweet 16-Bound Team IMPACT Teammates:

  • Miami University – 15-year-old Brennon, who is from Ave Maria, FL, was born with a heart condition that continues to impact his health. He has been matched with the Miami men’s basketball team for three years now, making him a Team IMPACT alumni all-star. He has developed close relationships with many of the players and has become well-known for his inspirational pre-game speeches that he frequently cites for the team before games.
  • University of Connecticut – Diagnosed with a chronic immune condition, 11-year-old Rylan has been matched with the UConn men’s basketball team since 2018. The Ellington, Connecticut native loves attending games with his dad, who is a former college athlete himself. Rylan received his Team IMPACT surprise on a birthday Zoom call, where the Huskies players joined to share the news and sing Happy Birthday.
  • University of Houston – Houston native Jace, who battles nephrotic syndrome and lupus, has been matched with the University of Houston men’s basketball team since August 2022, where he’s dependably served as Lead Ball Boy. Jace has formed an especially close relationship with Coach Sampson, Emanuel Sharp, and Marcus Sasser this season, and the entire team would tell you that he is more important to them and their title run, as they are to Jace and his battle off the court.